Scientists Grow Teeth From Stem Cells

We at Wexel Orthodontics are fascinated with recent news in the dental industry. Scientists in China have recently found a way to grow teeth out of stems cells found in urine. Scientists have been studying the possibility of creating artificial teeth from stem cells for over ten years. Researchers say the artificial teeth had dental pulp, dentin, enamel space, and an enamel organ. The team of scientists used a laser to see which molecular mechanisms were influenced by the laser to grow dentin. It was found that beta-1 was mostly responsible. This could change the way we see oral hygiene and may give a second chance to people who have lost a real human tooth.

This is very exciting news for both the science and the dental communities. However, the man-made teeth were not as hard as teeth that come in naturally in humans. They may not be hard enough for use right now, but this paves the way for artificial tooth growth in the future. So for now, keep taking care of the teeth you got!

“Once you stop learning, you start dying” - Albert Einstein