Tall trees have deep roots

You may think of Umbraco solely as the piece of software that runs the website you’re currently viewing. But like impressive trees, it would be nothing without the roots that bring it to life - and in the case of Umbraco, it’s our community.

It Takes Time to Get Used to Wearing Aligners

In order for Invisalign aligners to move teeth effectively and to keep your treatment on track, you must wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day. When you begin to wear your aligners, you may speak with a slight lisp because you are not used to having the aligners over your teeth. A little practice speaking out loud to get used to the feeling of wearing your aligners will help. Before you know it, your speech will return to normal.

Soreness Can Be Expected

During the first week of Invisalign treatment, you can expect to feel some soreness and general discomfort as you get used to wearing your aligners. It may feel strange to have the aligners in your mouth at first, but, after a day or so, you'll get used to them. The initial soreness/discomfort you feel should gradually decrease as you grow accustomed to having the aligners in your mouth.

Putting the Aligners in and Taking Them Out Can be Challenging

During the first few days of your treatment, you may find it a bit challenging to put your aligners in and take them out. But once you get used to putting them in and taking them out at mealtime and when brushing & flossing, it will become second nature to you.

You Must Remember to Clean Your Aligners

Every time you brush your teeth and floss, take a minute to clean your aligners by brushing them gently with your toothbrush followed by a rinse. After a few days, you will get used to cleaning your aligners to make it just another part of your daily oral care routine.

Contact Wexel Orthodontics

The team at Wexel Orthodontics is always happy to speak with you! If you have any additional questions about what treatment is like with Invisalign, simply contact us and we'd be more than happy to help! We have three office locations in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Hampton. If you'd like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wexel to find out if you can wear Invisalign, please complete the Appointment Request form. One of our staff members will then contact you to set up your appointment time.

Since v1 of CodeGarden in 2005

thousands of people have attended what is considered a must experience event for any “Umbracian”; it’s where everything Umbraco comes to life. From seeing the latest progress, sharing knowledge with fellow community members, having memorable times in the wonderful city of Copenhagen and returning energized with new knowledge and inspiration.

But more than anything, it’s the special vibe that has always been a keystone in everything that surrounds Umbraco. As coined by Hudson Maul back in 2006 - it’s “The Friendly CMS”.